1491100.jpgBest male and Best female:Kinglords Miss Eferhild,BOB and Kinglords Mr Magnus

1491098.jpgBest female,CAC CACIB,BOB Kinglords Miss Eferhild

1491088.jpgBest Male open class, Best Male ,CAC CACIB Kinglords Mr MAgnus

1491031.jpgBest Young Male RuaSoleil Breeze,r-CAC,, the son of Kinglords Mr MAgnus(age 13 months)

1491048.jpgBest ChampionFemale,CAC,KInglords Miss HoneyBee

1491016.jpgBest  IntermediateIntermediate Female,Best female,BOB,BIG-1,KinglordsmissEferhild


1491006.jpgBestJuniorfemale:Kinglords Miss Thelma

1490967.jpgKinglords Miss Afrodite,Exc, openclass2.best, r-CAC