Intenational Champion,Multi champion, hipsA/A,elbows 0/0. Breeze Rua Soleil, So handsome son of KinglordsMrMagnus ,lives in Hungary,Angelkingdom-kennel

Warm thanks to Susan and Thomas,their family, of taking care so fine care and so much work because of their leonberger!!!We are very proud of you .

Below  the leonberger in Angelkingdom.Left: Breeze, then Breezes daughter Punky,InternationalCh,MultiCh KinglordsMissEferhild and then Skaarjarden female.

lLeft: Breeze thenPunky,Then Eferhild,,last Punkysmother and Susan and Thomasis children with dogs.



Left KinglordsMr Maurice as 5 months age in Check and then in photo;left KinglordsMissMarlene  in Slovakia with younger leonberger, Above KinglordsMissMarlene wishes with her kennel New Year 2011 with champagne.All best for Mr MAurice and MissMarlene!!!