here are KinglordsMissThelma`´s daughter 13 months age KinglordsMissSwanheart PEPPI and her brother KinglordsMrOcean Soul PATE sitting and thinking :


 Then Kinglords MissSwanheart presenting as standing and running:


KinglordsMissThelma is all the time growing,now she has been 7 weeks as pregnant as you can see in the photos:


Under there are Miss IonicCrystal and Mr Ocean Soul,  there are snowing so much all the time:

 And  below yet  Kinglords Miss Swanheart, her head and ´standing:

And now there are much speed and the competion between Miss IonicCrystal-Mr Ocean Soul :


And Kinglords Mr Ocean Soul wants to be the first,but MissIOnicCrystal is like speedy Conzales




Ja the photos of the end :

Kinglords Mr Ocean Soul PATE iand his sister Kinglords Miss Swanheart PEPPI :