"BIG BROTHER" Kinglords Mr Magnus here so confused,because he was too late from the RING,the german leonberger judge was SO superquick:  over 80 leonberger (young-adult-champion-veterans)in about 2,5 hours!We have never seen before this kind of judging. during our 30 years dog-showlife.!!!We drove alltogether over 4000 kilometer and the judge was at least one hour before the timetable information in the show-book judged .And Mr Magnus would have been also the progenyclass which we have payed(120 eur Mr  Magnus`s showpayments).This was very cruel from this judge to our breed-leonberger!!!,The ring was in leonberger show day mostly empty!  The big part of dogs got only the empty judgement paper from this judge !!!And this was the World-Winner Show!And We did not get the information before,that there will be 2 rings and 2 judges.In our information was only one ring  and one judge.The show-morning was like the very bad dream!


But we were SO happy that the junior-leonberger had the different judge: Mr Rehanek,there were near 40 juniorleonberger .

And Kinglords Mr Shogun became Junior World Winner-09 and also BOB junior:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              KINGLORDS MR SHOGUN,JuniorWorldWinner-09Mr ,also BOB Junior.

Mr Shogun and BIg BROTHER Mr Magnus